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Hardware industry annual output exceeded one trillion

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-08-21

China National Hardware Association Fifth Council chairman Blue Monk said that the current domestic hardware industry is "three superimposed" stage.

General Assembly granted Maxpower Tool Group Co., Ltd., 40 units of "national outstanding contribution to enterprise hardware industry," the honorary title.

Beijing, Aug. 19 power on the 18th, the Fifth Congress of China National Hardware Association was held in Beijing National Convention Center. According to the China National Hardware Association, the annual output of metal products industry rose by 800 billion yuan to 1 trillion yuan, with exports rising by $ 50.3 billion to $ 87.7 billion, maintaining a 6% -8% annual export growth rate , the number of enterprises above the scale of the industry reached 40,000, job placement amounted to more than 2000 people.

However, behind the data gratifying, many hardware companies to still haunt the financial crisis in 2008, in recent years, our country's economic growth continued to slow down, make them some concern domestic market prospects.

For a range of development issues of concern to the industry, deputy director of the National Bureau of Statistics of China Climate Monitoring Center Pan Jiancheng current special report made ??by the domestic and international situation. He pointed out that people do not grow too much emphasis on specific figures, it is important to see economic trends and economic structures. "Even more frightening than the economic downturn, is the heart scare investors." He said, "the data is just a guess and predict the United States also released several revisions of statistical data, but the data is accurate after modifying it? Heaven knows! Just more nothing close to the real, is a prediction. "

Pan Jiancheng said metal products industry and the economic slowdown will not be much affected. He pointed out that, from an economic trend, China's economy has a soft landing, and always maintain a high growth rate; economic structure, the tertiary industry historically than the secondary industry, and in the context of the real estate downturn, still maintained a steady growth. "The current consumption remained stable. Exclude government spending if the bubble burst off factors, the consumer is in fact the people of progress."