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A heaven-made matching during my business trip in Shanghai

  • Author:Scott
  • Source:www
  • Release on:2014-08-11
Yesterday was Aug.10th, I was in Shanghai for business meeting with one of our customers. That's a urgent project and the customer should have to make the decision to release the order to which supplier in mid-August. The whole product will be used to outdoor telecommunication equipments, they need to find a professional factory to produce the aluminum alloy housing via die casting, that's  our skilled field, quality it the key point except the price. We have enough confidences and experiences, it seems to be in our control. But I did not know it's Hungry Ghost Festival that day, a heaven-made matching happened, I saw the super full moon in the night when I was walking along the river bank. It's one of the most impressive scenes in my life, and I can not foget it forever.