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Piper developed thermoplastic plastics instead of metal

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-08-07
Recently, by the Piper plastic company developed a series of reinforced thermoplastics, a kind of special power: it is said that this kind of material has lower strength of fiber loading.

Piper R&D thermoplastic plastics instead of metal

Piper, headquartered in chandler, Arizona.Kyron Max series for the first time, it claims that the bridge standard injection molding compound and the performance of the gap between the pre - preg layup thermosetting composite material.Company said part of the can in high volumes, and the strength of metal injection molding method and composite single hand layup.

 Piper the highest performance material is Max ES and XS group.These technologies provide material using proprietary technologies and injection Piper.Some of these groups of tensile strength higher than that of steel manufacturing, heavy is far lower than the steel or titanium.Components will be lower than the cost of single hand layup thermosetting materials due to the productivity of injection.

Piper Max s group, including the performance of the material can pass the traditional injection molding processing.Piper provides the material in this group instead of its proprietary molding technology.This materials can keep low fiber load strength.

Piper materials engineering manager Dave Wilkinson said Kyron like polyetheretherketone Max is based on the engineering polymer materials, PPS and high performance nylon, a kind of new type of carbon fiber or carbon fiber or glass