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the Concept and Characteristics of Die Casting Release Agent

  • Author:Li Xvsi
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-11-21
  The concept and application of die-casting mold release agents, pressure casting (die casting) is a kind of metal casting process, characterized by the molten alloy under the condition of high pressure, high speed filling mold cavity, and under the high pressure cooling forming, with high efficiency, short process, casting finish and high strength, less machining allowance and saving of metal materials and other process characteristics.

   Die Casting rease agent has a wide range of applications, involving a considerable number of product areas and industrial categories, the main role is to help metal die casting products can be taken out of the mold, and keep the product integrity and post-processing. In the die casting process, the release agent plays three roles:

   1. before the metal hydraulic injection, evenly distributed on the surface of the cavity, so as to form a layer of isolation film between the mold and the metal liquid, so that the cavity from the direct erosion of molten metal liquid.

   2.In the process of die casting, help the metal liquid into the cavity, so that the mold filling intact.

   3.The casting can be easily demoulded after forming