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Intelligent die design

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-09-19
Reducing labor costs is a big way to reduce costs in modern enterprises. It is particularly important to reduce the post-processing of injection molding products. As with the inner mold manipulator products cover, mold, mold labeling, folding die ring inscribed unmanned operation, continuous production by the mould structure, which is the inevitable trend of the development of modern enterprises.

Inside flanging: in the past, the products of this kind of anti folding structure are bent from the die and become a horn opening, which needs to be folded by special bending machine or artificial frock. The efficiency is low and the cost is high. After optimizing the design structure of the die, the flanging of the die is realized after the product is pushed out from the mold, and no subsequent auxiliary process is needed, the efficiency is high, the cost is low, the safety is increased, and the die disassembly is realized.

Die internal cover: through mould add a combination cover manipulator, automatic covering finished clamshell products, simple structure stable, greatly enhance the level of automation, save manpower, improve economic efficiency.

Great oaks from little acorns grow., a sophisticated multi cavity injection mold, is composed of numerous details, this is one of the parts of each detail, each of its structure and feature size can be used to speak a truth, it combines with the whole idea of the designer, the high standard processing equipment and the staff of each operation process management requirements.