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Safe operation method of vulcanizing press

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-08-28
1, all the mold into the flat must be centered, send mold, gloves should be taken to prevent burns. 

2, test the film when the mold, open the mold, beware of smashing hands, to prevent landing. 

3. Adjust the pressure gauge according to the die size and the unit pressure, forbid the over pressure vulcanization. 

4, strictly prohibit the backlog of uneven plates in the plate. 

5, when the sample is cut with vulcanized board, the rubber plate must be protected. 

6, equipment failure, you must cut off the power supply and then do the processing. 

7, take the test film from the mold, pay attention to the cavity and the smooth surface of the mold, protect against scratches. 

8, no rise in the flat when taking the mold or cleaning debris. 

9, do not exceed the prescribed temperature using flat vulcanizing machine. 

10, when not in use, cut off the power supply, put down the pressure, close the oil valve.