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Every car will have a dashboard

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-06-27
With the progress of the times, many things in life are brought about by the convenience of science and technology, bringing convenient and efficient life to people. Now life is full of high technology. China CNC Machined Parts distributor

Dashboard An installation of various instrumentation and ignition switches in the cab. It is mounted on an instrument panel or as an accessory on a steering column. The dashboard assembly is like a window, reflecting the running status of the machine inside the car at any time. At the same time it is part of the equipment control center and decoration of the object, is the most compelling parts of the cab. Dashboard assembly has both technical and artistic functions, is one of the representatives of the vehicle style. best price mold maker china

Automotive instrument by a variety of instruments, indicators, especially the driver with warning lights and other components, etc., to provide the driver with the required vehicle operating parameters information. According to the working principle of different instruments, can be roughly divided into three generations. The third generation of all-digital automotive instrumentation, he is a network of intelligent instrument, its function is more powerful, display the content of the first generation of automotive instrumentation is the mechanical movement table; second generation of automotive instrument called electrical instrument; Richer, wire harness links are simpler.

Auto instrument for the third generation of the instrument it can be driven by stepper motor base table pointer, you can also use the LCD screen directly display graphics or text information. At the same time he also has an intelligent processing unit that can interact with other control units of the vehicle.

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