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Stamping die carburizing five common problems

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-10-27
Stamping die carburizing is one of the important processes in the processing mold, but also stamping die processing process, but the stamping die through the carburizing process is prone to some defects, resulting in mold processing will be completed after some defects. There are five major flaws in the carburizing process. 

First, low hardness
The amount of retained austenite is one of the reasons that the hardness of the stamping die is low. The amount of retained austenite in the carburized layer is often due to the high carburizing temperature and the high surface carbon concentration. Another reason is the low surface carbon concentration, resulting in low surface carbon concentration is due to: carburizing temperature is too low; carburizing gas flow is small; vacuum quenching oil to absorb a lot of air; other oil, such as a large number of oil mixture Into the vacuum quenching oil medium.

Second, the depth of carburizing layer does not meet the technical requirements
The reason why the carburizing depth of the stamping die exceeds the requirement is that the carburizing temperature is high or the carburizing time is long and the depth is lower than the technical condition because the carburizing temperature is low or the carburizing time is short. 

Third, the stamping die itself is not uniform carburizing layer
The reason for this may be due to the fact that the carburizing gas is mixed with air; no pulsed carburizing mode is used; the carburizing gas pressure is too low; the furnace volume is too much too much; the carburizing gas is low, resulting in more Carbon black and so on.

Four, carbon black, stamping die also attached to the carbon black
In the carburizing process produces a large amount of carbon black, may cause the heater and the furnace, the heater and the heater between the electrical short circuit, increase the maintenance workload of the equipment; stamping die hole plug, carburizing layer is not Uniform, increase the removal of parts of the surface of the amount of carbon black work.

5, stamping die brightness deterioration
Stamping die in the vacuum carburizing and gas after the furnace should be released when the silver-white, if the parts of the brightness of the deterioration, the reason may be: the furnace had a greater leakage; vacuum quenching oil mixed with more air; Gas (such as nitrogen) purity is not high, which contains more oxygen; more cylinder oil mixed into the vacuum quenching oil and so on.