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The choice of plastic fuel tank is much better

  • Author:Angelia
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-07-05
When buying a car, pay attention to what the tank is not material, many owners have expressed no concern. Recently, one of the owners of the rebellion, just a month after buying the car in check the pump failure, found dirt covered with rust slag fine filter and oil formation, iron tank area, leading to the frequent failure of the vehicle pump. When we saw the news, we began to pay attention to the material of our car's fuel tank.

Today, the car tank Market is divided into 2 categories: metal fuel tanks (including iron fuel tanks and synthetic metal oil tanks) and plastic fuel tanks.

The metal tank compared to plastic tank has many shortcomings, first of all to weight metal fuel tank, fuel consumption will increase to a certain extent; secondly, metal tank especially iron tank in use if the damaged surface, a long time is easy to rust, and the cost is high, because the production process is troublesome, need to rust, corrosion and so on. Metal tanks greater security risk is that serious friction or collision with external forces, easy to deformation and sparks, causing burning and even explosion.

The plastic fuel tank has the advantages of simple process, easy molding, and different shapes of fuel tanks according to different space shapes, so that the limited space of the car can be saved to the utmost extent. However, the plastic tank is smaller than the metal tank, generally holds 80 litres of oil, and the metal tank can be installed to more than 100 litres. This adds to the weight of the metal tank and fuel consumption, so many models now use plastic fuel tanks.

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