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Wow! 3D printer working procedure

  • Author:Angelia
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-06-08
With the development of science and technology, 3D printing has become more and more popular, and also very convenient. cnc precision machined parts factory

First, you can model it by computer modeling software, if you have ready-made models, such as animal models, figures, or miniatures, etc..

Then copy it to the 3D printer through the SD card or USB USB, print settings, the printer can print them out, the work structure decomposition diagram as follows.

The principle of the 3D printer is the same as that of the traditional printer. It consists of control components, mechanical components, print heads, consumables and media. The printing principle is the same. The 3D printer mainly designs a complete 3D model on the computer before printing, and then prints it out. cnc machining parts importers

3D printing and laser forming technology, the use of hierarchical processing, superimposed molding to complete the 3D entity printing. Each layer of the printing process is divided into two steps, first of all, in the area needed to spray a layer of special glue, glue droplets itself is very small, and not easy to spread. Then spray a layer of uniform powder, the powder will solidify quickly when the glue meets, while the area without glue remains loose. Thus, in the alternation of a layer of glue and a layer of powder, the entity model will be "printed" to form. After the printing, as long as the loose powder is removed, the model can be planed out, and the remaining powder can be recycled.

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