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mid-year meeting xy-global

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-20

On July 19, 2021, the business summary meeting of Shenzhen XY-Global for the first half of the year was successfully held in Office 1702, Building 4, Yungu, Tian 'an. 
The conference was chaired by LVY. At the beginning, he played a little game with all his colleagues to drive the atmosphere and enlivened the meeting.  Game with eight minutes to write answers, fill in a form, through comprehensive evaluation, analysis of a person's character, hobbies, rational or not.  A clear understanding of a person's personality will help us to get along well with colleagues, help each other and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in future work.  Through personality analysis, it's clear.  Finally, let everyone more familiar with their own personality, everyone is very happy.

First of all, the international market in the first half of the year will be analyzed. In the face of the epidemic which is not over yet, the price of raw materials is soaring, and one after another difficulties arise, the manufacturing industry is facing a difficult and most challenging year.  In the first half of the year, sales up to the current amount still need to work hard.  Check the year before each sales staff wrote the target, the target in the front, the sales team is eager to try, in order to complete the annual sales target, the sales staff full of confidence, have a long way to go.  At the same time, I am confident that the international market environment will become better and better. 
XY-Global colleagues all express their own views and opinions, full of confidence in the target of this year.