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What are the advantages of the six angle slope protection mould?

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-09-18
Hear die, you may not be familiar with, but you may not die six angle slope often heard, as the name suggests is to place high slope mold protection slope of high-speed line, high-speed rail line the following products.

First of all, six angle slope mold with excellent performance strength said, traffic is the lifeblood of development, and safety is the lifeline of the most important guarantee, this writing mold due to the addition of special elements, with higher strength, unlike the general material, does not appear to meet the sharp part of or after accidentally pulling deformation will appear the situation is difficult to damage deformation or damage, and ensure the quality.

Secondly, the six corner revetment mold has excellent mass production capacity, which is the advantage of all the molds. Through the use of molds, we can make a large number of slope protection in a short period of time, improve the efficiency of use.
Six angle slope mold is also becoming more and more internationalized, China with rapid economic development, stimulating exports each year, the country needs to build the plastic mold, so the export has become a new beginning of this industry, production of cement products, six angle slope professional mold has the advantages of simple operation, while the plastic mold can be recycled, saving energy, open up the new market.