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hardware equipment

  • Author:Du Zihui
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  • Release on:2021-11-12
Hardware isComputer hardwareAbbreviationChina MainlandandHongkongterm,TaiwanCased: Hardware), meanscomputer systemElectronic, mechanical and photoelectric electricityelementThe general title of various physical devices composed.These physical devices are pressedsystem structureThe requirement constitutes an organic overallcomputer softwareRun provides a substance foundation.
In short, hardware features are input and stored programs and data, andexecute programBundledataProcessed into the form of available.From the appearance, the microcomputer isHostBox andexternal devicecomposition.The host includes CPU, memory,Motherboard,Hard disk drive,Disc drive, Various expansion cards,Connection line, Power, etc .;external deviceIncludes mouse, keyboard, etc.