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Application of high and new equipment 2

  • Author:Juno
  • Source:diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-08-09
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(2) high speed scanning and digital system will play a greater role in die scanning system Renishaw company, has been applied in the more than 200 mold factory in China, the effect is good. 

The system provides many functions in the model required from the model or scan to work, greatly shorten the casting mold development and manufacturing cycle, such as fast scanning system of RENSCAN200, can be quickly installed in existing CNC milling machine and machining center. 

To achieve fast data acquisition using SP2 1 Renishaw scanning head, control is the core of Renishaw TRACECUT software processing, the program can automatically generate various data system and different data format CAD.

XY-GLOBAL focuses on the production of aluminum die casting parts.
(3) mold polishing automation, intelligent direction of mold surface finishing mould processing could not be one of the problems, it is also the mold fitter labor intensity, become a bottleneck in one of the reasons. 

Particularly reflected in the hardness of the metal, die casting mold for the final assembly process. At present, our country is mainly manual, not only the quality is unstable, the cycle is long, but also the working environment of the workers is poor, which restricts the development of the casting mould in our country to a higher level. 

Therefore, polishing automation and intelligent is the most urgent task. Of course, due to the casting mold, die casting mold cavity complex, the use of polishing automation, intelligent, there are certain limitations.

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