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Wow! Hazard of aluminum and its avoidance

Wow! Hazard of aluminum and its avoidance

Angelia www.diecastingpartsupplier.com 2017-06-27 11:27:24
Everything has its duality, and aluminum is no exception. cnc precision machined parts factory

The improper use of aluminum also produces some side effects. It has been reported that aluminum salts may cause human memory to lose. Australia, a private research group, said: extensive use of aluminum salt purified water may lead to brain damage, resulting in serious memory loss, which is unique symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Researchers' experiments on mice show that trace amounts of aluminum mixed in drinking water enter the brain of the rats and accumulate there and give them a cup of aluminum-treated water, and the amount of aluminum in their brains is measurable Level. The study found that aluminum can damage human brain cells. Oem aluminum die casting parts china

According to the World Health Organization's assessment, the daily intake of aluminum is 0-0.6mg / kg, where kg is the weight of the person, that is, a 60kg person allowed to intake of 36mg. 

China's "food additives use standard GB2760-2011" provides that the residual aluminum to less than or equal to 100mg / kg. In this way, a weight of 60kg people eat fried no less than 360g every day do not have to worry about.

Aluminum is slowly accumulated in the human body, which causes the toxicity is slow, and difficult to detect, however, in the event of metabolic disorders of the toxic reaction, the consequences are very serious. Therefore, we must pay attention to our daily life to prevent the absorption of aluminum, aluminum products to reduce the use.

The harm of aluminum and its compounds to mankind is not comparable to its contribution. As long as people pay attention to it, it will play a more important role in human society.

Avoid the method:

1. Avoid using aluminum cookware

2. Eat less fried fritters, candy and other foods from the aluminum, do not drink cans soft drinks

3. Some drugs are made of aluminum-containing substances and should be reduced

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