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Look! Do you know what the hydraulic pressure is?

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-06-22
With the progress of the times, many things in life are brought about by the convenience of science and technology, bringing convenient and efficient life to people. Now life is full of high technology. Oem mold maker in china

Hydraulic pressure is a term of machinery industry and mechanical and electrical industry. Hydraulic power transmission can be used as a hydraulic drive. Hydraulic pressure can also be used as a mode of control, referred to as hydraulic control. Hydraulic transmission is the use of liquid as the working medium, the use of liquid pressure to transfer power. Hydraulic control is the use of pressure liquid as a control signal transmission mode control. The hydraulic control system is called the hydraulic control system.

A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, an energy device, an actuator, a control device, an auxiliary device, and a liquid medium. Hydraulic power is widely used in industry and civil industry because of its large transmission power, easy transmission and configuration. The actuating element of a hydraulic system (hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor) is used to convert the pressure energy of the fluid into mechanical energy, so as to obtain the desired reciprocating motion or rotary motion. The energy device (hydraulic pump) in hydraulic systems converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover to the pressure energy of the liquid. cnc precision machined parts factory

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