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Doors and windows made of aluminium alloy

  • Author:Angelia
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  • Release on:2017-06-05
With the development of the times, and now the doors and windows of the material has also been greatly changed, aluminum alloy is now the most popular kind of doors and windows material, fine quality, very durable.china Die casting parts on sales

Aluminum Alloy doors and windows, refers to the use of Aluminum Alloy extrusion for frame, frame, fan material doors and windows called Aluminum Alloy referred to as windows and doors, aluminum doors and windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows include aluminum alloy as the force bar (to bear and pass the weight and load of the bar), the base material and wood, plastic composite doors and windows, referred to as aluminum and wood composite doors and windows, aluminum plastic composite doors and windows.

Check the size and elevation of doors and windows to meet the design requirements. The embedded parts are windows and doors also check the number of embedded parts, position and embedding method with the design requirements. If it does not meet the design requirements, it should be dealt with promptly.cnc precision machined parts factory

Diversify the system design to improve the performance of existing windows and doors and grades, must improve the structure design, changed the structure of the past only the pursuit of labor and material saving, low price and low level, realizing the push-pull window to transition to the performance is good casement windows, single and double layer, three layer and small open fixed and diversified system design.
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