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Development trend of casting mould industry

  • Author:Juno
  • Source:diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-07-25
Die casting as a large domestic basic industries, its importance has been more and more people recognize that, with the rapid development of domestic automobile and mechanical industry, foundry industry demand for die casting are also increasing. The domestic casting industry still needs continuous development to meet the growing market demand.

Industry experts, after analysis that the domestic casting mold industry development direction mainly in the following aspects: XY-GLOBAL is a professional custom-made metal parts supplier, provide you with mold maker china.
First, with the continuous rise of the new strategic industries, the demand for moulds is gradually expanding, and the domestic mold industry should actively develop intelligent casting mold. At the same time, with the rising demand for energy conservation, energy conservation and environmental protection industries are expanding the demand for energy saving and environmental protection casting molds.

Second, for the new generation of information technology services, with sensing and other functions of precision, ultra precision casting molds.

Third, the medical equipment for the biological industry precision, super precision casting mold.
Fourth, the continuous rise of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, but also for the domestic mold industry to open up a certain market, the intelligent casting mold required is also increasing. XY-GLOBAL focus on the production of aluminum die casting auto parts.
Fifth, the new energy automotive industry has become a major trend and future development of the mainstream, it also needs a large number of casting mould in development, casting mold industry and new energy automotive industry service will also be a stimulating role.

With the continuous development of casting mould of domestic related industry, casting mold industry to adjust their production scale and product structure, with the times, to better grasp the development trend in the future, in order to adapt to the new era of market demand, and promote the development of domestic mold industry better on the other side.

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