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Properties of aluminum alloys

  • Author:Banmingli
  • Source:Banmingli
  • Release on:2017-10-23
Aluminum alloy is low density, but the high intensity, almost or exceed the quality of steel, plastic, can be processed into various shapes, excellent electrical conductivity, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, widely used in the industry, the use of both steel can be divided into alloy aluminum with various shapes and specifications. Mainly used in the manufacture of aviation equipment, building doors and windows, and so on. 

Variable aluminum alloys can be divided into non-heat treatment. Non-heat reinforced aluminum alloy treatment can be divided into non-heat treatment. Aluminum alloy treatments can improve mechanical properties with quenching and aging treatments. It can be divided into hard aluminum, wrought aluminum, super hard aluminum and special aluminum alloys, and others.

According to the chemical composition can be divided into Alloy Aluminum casting al Si aloi, aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy alloy, cast under Aluminum Alloy casting.

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