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Zinc alloy application

  • Author:Wang Xueqi
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-31
New Zinc Alloy Security Window: The product characteristics of traditional stainless steel have begun to expose the drawbacks. The quality commitment begins to have questions. The price system has been in relatively transparent state, and Jinsheng zinc alloy color steel protection window, absorbs current doors and windowsAdvantages, become a new product with unique features and its own characteristics, is the third generation of the guard window, which integrates safety and aesthetics, using unique solder-free tapping wire operation, combined shuttle structure, has accepted the marketBaptism, adapt to the needs of the market and consumers, and its birth will be a prevention window history.
Zinc alloy steel anti-theft window, the material used and the highway guardrail, high voltage electric tower and other field facilities.High strength, exquisite appearance, bright color, high quality, and is the best alternative to stainless steel protection nets.