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Why should die casting mold be tested

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-22

Die casting production often encounter new product development and old mold update.  The internal and external qualities of die castings are determined by die casting process parameters such as liquid metal temperature, die casting pressure, speed and speed switching point.  But in most cases, it is also closely related to mold design and production.  Factors that affect the mold include the number of cavities, the design of the pouring system, the type of gate (location and size), and the structure of the casting itself.  In order to avoid the casting defects caused by the mold design, and to check and correct some problems in the mold making, it is necessary to test the finished mold. 

1. Die casting die test and process parameter optimization 

The main purpose of the test is to find out the optimized process parameters and mould modification plan, request even material, machine set or environmental factors, such as changed, still can ensure mold can stable and continuous production of qualified products, maximize the mold "fitness", not just try to get a few pieces of good appearance.

1 Find out the problems existing in the mold 
The die factory makes the finished die, all hope is a pair of "adaptability" is good (that is, molding parameters or process conditions are wide) die.  But often due to the design of the inconsiderate or production process processing is not in place, often there will be some problems, such as size out of tolerance, local transition is not smooth, structure is not appropriate, resulting in the production of unqualified castings or die trial production can not be carried out.  It is the simplest, direct and effective way to find out the mold problem. 

2 Find out the best forming conditions 

In the process of mold trial, mold trial personnel can find out a group of the most suitable process data, and this group of data can be set in the batch production, as the default value of machine parameters, according to this group of data to adjust the mold batch production of the best process conditions. 

3 Verify CAE aided design and improve subsequent work efficiency 

CAE analysis software is based on the real machine specifications, real alloy performance and real external environment, through computer simulation, simulation calculation results.  According to the simulation situation, the mold designer makes the corresponding correction to the mold design;  The analysis data can be input directly as the preset value when the real machine is tested, and the tester can check whether there is any defect in the analysis mold design.  The defects of the test parts can be compared with the simulation results to provide a basis for the subsequent process parameter setting.