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Why is the surface of aluminum pressure casting black

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-11-15

Aluminum oxide processing aluminum alloy casting is generally cast with metal mold, metal aluminum and aluminum alloy have good fluidity and plasticity, but easy to black in the use of the process, what is going on? Xy-global gives you a detailed introduction to the reasons for the blackening of the surface of aluminum alloy die castings

1. Unreasonable process design. 

Improper treatment of aluminum pressure casting after cleaning or pressure inspection creates conditions for aluminum alloy die casting blackening and accelerates the formation of blackening. 

2. Storage management is not in place. 

When aluminum alloy die castings are stored at different heights in the warehouse, their blackening conditions are different. 

3, the internal factors of aluminum alloy.

Many manufacturers in the die casting aluminum alloy die casting, machining process, don't do any cleaning, or simple water, can't do a thorough clean, die-casting aluminum surface residual release agent, cutting fluid, saponification liquid, such as corrosive materials and other stains, these stains accelerated the speed of the aluminum alloy die casting mould some black. 

4, aluminum alloy external environmental factors. 

Aluminum is an active metal, easily oxidized to black or mildew under certain temperature and humidity conditions, which is determined by the characteristics of aluminum itself. 

5, the selection of cleaning agent is not appropriate. 

The selected cleaning agent has strong corrosion, resulting in corrosion and oxidation of die cast aluminum.

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