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Why do buyers have to place MOQ in China's aluminum alloy die-casting supplier?

  • Author:Lee & Man
  • Source:Www.diecastingsupplier.com
  • Release on:2018-11-13
Before the mold is produced,aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturer will communicate with the customer about quantity, then quote to them, they follow the rules" large quantity and competitive price". Then why does the factory must have a minimum order quantity?

Before the quotation, the image file or sample must be provided. According to the product structure and the special requirements of the product, the engineering department will evaluate the order quantity. The pre-production trial production can be produced in small batches, and in the later stage, the order quantity should be placed according to the product order quantity. If the order quantity is too small, it will directly affect the production cost, and it will take more time to change the mold to change the casting machine. The order quantity is sufficient to avoid wasting too much time and labor.

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