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Why Zinc Alloy Die Casting is the best Choice for Manufacturers

  • Author:Patrick
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsuplier.com
  • Release on:2017-05-26

Why Zinc Alloy Die Casting is the best Choice for Manufacturers ?

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Zinc is a widely used and easily available metal. Zinc die casting applications are widespread and are all around us everywhere. Zinc alloy die casting is used for numerous decoration and functional applications.

Key Advantages of Zinc alloy die casting :

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There are many benefits of using Zinc alloy over others.

1. Thinner wall sections can be achieved compared to other metals due to high casting fluidity.

2. High production rates can be achieved.

3. The number of secondary machining operations is very little or none at all.

4. The surfaces of the finished products can be made really smooth.

5. It is very easy to cast in inserts like threaded inserts, heating elements, and high strength bearing surfaces.

6. It is possible to cast low fluidity metals.

7. Very high dimensional accuracy can be obtained.

8. The casts are able to achieve high tensile strengths as well.

Zinc alloys are strong, and stable with high dimensional accuracy and thermal conductivity, resisting to corrosion, and are recyclable.

Zinc Application :

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1. Complex zinc-zinc housing, coupled with complex thin-wall technology, provides excellent electrical performance and shielding

2. Zinc's foundry, abrasion resistance and structural integrity, making it ideal for manufacturing automotive safety and the entire material of the electronics industry, high-complexity part shapes

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