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Why is the CNC prototyping method better?

Today,There are many ways to create prototype parts these days. But none of the prototyping methods or techniques have been proven capable of this. Therefore, it is important to first establish some basic criteria before choosing any rapid prototyping method. For example material preferences or requirements, size and finish requirements, resource availability, timing, etc. Where circumstances permit, consideration should be given to establishing a baseline evaluation, optimization process for future rapid prototyping applications that contribute to the level of understanding and experience with more than one method.

CNC prototyping is currently the fastest and easiest manufacturing method available for building prototypes. CNC machining is the only rapid manufacturing technology that is now able to directly produce functional metal prototypes for aluminum parts. In this way, CNC parts are integrated into the initial prototyping by quickly realizing the design for rapid modification, avoiding the time and cost of recreating a full aluminum fabrication. CNC machining can provide unique customization such as custom aluminum. Such as workpiece, dimensional precision, and fine art details are now more and more CNC function options used in aluminum die casting companies.

xy-global As a modern manufacturer of precision mechanical parts, xy-global takes die-casting and CNC processing as its core processes, has physical factories, testing equipment, and integrates supporting manufacturing resources such as rapid prototyping, molds, and post-processing to provide customers with rapid proofing, Small and medium-sized batch production and trial assembly, truly a one-stop service that saves effort and effort; the company has Taiwan imported computer gongs, milling machines, lathes, grinders and other precision machining equipment, as well as a technical team with non-standard production experience.