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What to pay attention to die casting

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-26

In the time of die casting need to pay attention to the size of the pressure, to prevent cracks, want to achieve a certain service life in the selection of die materials, technical design, processing, heat treatment and operation should pay more attention to.

1. Die-casting materials must be of the highest quality; 
2, die casting mold needs to be reasonable design, especially the wall thickness of the mold and the size of the mold should be appropriate; 
3. Pay attention to stress annealing after rough machining; 
4, in the use of correct heat treatment, quenching to fast enough; 
5. Thoroughly polish to remove EDM disturbance quality layer; 
6. The surface of the die casting die is not highly polished 
7, in the die casting as far as possible to reduce the use of aluminum, to fast injection; 
8. The cooling mold must be kept within 40 to 50℃ in the temperature of cooling water; 
9. When the die casting mold is stopped for a short time, it can be used to try to shape the die casting parts and reduce the amount of cooling water, so as to prevent the die casting mold from needing to withstand the thermal impact of a short time when the machine is started; 
10. When the mold surface of the die casting mold reaches the highest temperature, the coolant should be closed.