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What is the process of "die casting"

  • Author:Wang Xueqi
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-26

Pressure casting is a special casting in casting.By cast a metal in the molten state or semi-molten state into the compartment of the die casting machine, the metal liquid is filled in the cavity of the die-casting mold at high pressure, and the melting or semi-melted metal is cooled under high pressure.The high-efficiency, high efficiency of the casting is obtained, and the precision casting method is obtained.

Compared with traditional casting, the same place is:

By casting the melted or semi-molten metal into the mold, then the required parts are obtained by cooling the cooling metal.

Unlike traditional castings:

1. After the die-casting process, the metal solution enters the mold before entering the mold, and then pressurize the mold into the mold.This makes the die-casting speed to be faster than the ordinary gravity cast.

2. In the die casting process, there will be a process of pressurizing and pressing, by applying a pressure, so that the metallicity inside the metal is better than the conventional cast member.