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What is the bottom line of pressure casting technology

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-30

The process of melting metal, which involves heating it and then putting it into a steel to die and transform it into a certain shape is called pressure die-casting.  A channel for injection of molten metal is killed by the movement of the plunger.  Once the metal has solidified and taken a certain shape, the plunger moves in the opposite direction to release the newly discovered component, thus freeing it from the machine for the next cycle. 

Other components such as bosses and bolts can be organized during pressure casting if additional welding and fastening are not required.  This process is capable of producing a wide range of three-dimensional components.  Dimensional accuracy of pressure die castings to ensure standardized maintenance  .  Some common examples of pressure die-casting include building cylinder blocks, levers, gears, toy assemblies and other components used in groups in almost every industrial sector.  In the process of metal pressure machining, including die casting alloys with low melting points, including aluminum,  Zinc, magnesium, copper, tin, lead, silver, etc. 

From die casting to a number of metalworking industrial production activities, drastic measures must be taken to reduce costs, waste, and complexity.  Carried out the whole process of metal casting production with a small amount of waste