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What is shot peening

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  • Release on:2017-08-25

What is Shot Peening


Shot peening is a widely used surface strengthening process, that is, the use of pellets bombardment of the surface and implantation of residual compressive stress, enhance the fatigue strength of the cold processing technology. Widely used to improve the mechanical strength of parts and wear resistance, fatigue and corrosion resistance.

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The types of shot peening are cast steel pills, cast iron pills, glass pills, ceramic pills and so on.

1.    Cast steel pills

Its hardness is generally 40 ~ 50HRC, processing hard metal, the hardness can be increased to 57 ~ 62HRC. The toughness of cast steel pills is better, widely used, its life is several times the cast iron pills.

2.    Cast iron pills

Its hardness is 58 ~ 65HRC, crisp and easy to break. Its life is shot, not widely used.

3.    Glass pills

Hardness is lower than the previous two, mainly for stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium and other materials that do not allow iron pollution.

4.    Ceramic pills

Ceramic pills are made by melting, atomizing, drying, sieving and so on. Its hardness equivalent to HRC 57 ~ 63.

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