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What is plastic extrusion processing

  • Author:Patrick
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  • Release on:2017-09-08

What is plastic extrusion processing

Extrusion is the plastic raw material heating, so that it was viscous state, under the action of pressure, through the extrusion die and the cross-section and die shape similar to the continuum, and then cooling stereotypes for the glass, the cutting and get Plastic products with a certain geometric shape and size.

For example, in the extruder to heat the material, pressure, so that the melt flow state, and then from the die to its continuous extrusion and molding, is called extrusion. This method can be made tube, tube, rod, film, film, profile, wire and so on.

Die types

There are a variety of dies used in plastics extrusion. While there can be significant differences between die types and complexity, all dies allow for the continuous extrusion of polymer melt, as opposed to non-continuous processing such as injection molding.

1) Blown film extrusion


2) Sheet film extrusion

3) Tubing extrusion


4) Over jacketing extrusion

5) Coextrusion

6) Extrusion coating


A great advantage of extrusion is that profiles such as pipes can be made to any length. If the material is sufficiently flexible, pipes can be made at long lengths even coiling on a reel. Another advantage is the extrusion of pipes with integrated coupler including rubber seal.

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