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What is POM?

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  • Release on:2018-05-30
English name: Polyoxymethylene(Polyformaldehyde)
POM(Polyformaldehyde resin) Definition: Polyoxymethylene is a linear polymer with no side chains, high density, and high crystallinity. According to the different chemical structures in its molecular chain, it can be divided into two kinds of homopolyoxymethylene and copolyacetal. The important difference between the two is: the homopolyformaldehyde density, crystallinity, melting point are high, but the thermal stability is poor, the processing temperature range is narrow (about 10 °C), and the acid-base stability is slightly lower; the density of copolymerization formaldehyde, crystallinity, Its melting point and strength are low, but its thermal stability is good and it is not easy to decompose. The processing temperature range is wide (about 50°C) and its stability to acid and alkali is better. It is an engineering plastic with excellent overall performance. Good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially excellent rub resistance. Commonly known as Saigang or Winning Steel, it is the third-largest general-purpose plastic. Suitable for the production of wear-resisting parts, transmission parts, and chemical, instrumentation and other parts.
One of the synthetic resins, also known as polyoxymethylene resin, POM plastic, race steel, etc.; is a white or black plastic particles, with high hardness, high rigidity, high wear resistance. Mainly used for gears, bearings, auto parts, machine tools, instrument internals and other products that act as a skeleton.
(1) Prior to POM processing, no drying is required, and it is preferable to carry out preheating (about 80°C) during the processing, which is beneficial to the stability of the product size.
(2) POM processing temperature is very narrow (0 ~ 215 °C), in the barrel residence time is slightly longer or the temperature exceeds 220 °C will decompose, produce a strong irritant formaldehyde gas.   
(3) When the POM material is injected, the holding pressure should be larger (similar to the injection pressure) to reduce the pressure drop. The screw speed can not be too high, and the residual quantity should be less;
(4) The shrinkage rate of POM products is relatively large, and it is easy to produce shrinkage or deformation. The specific heat of POM is large, the mold temperature is high (80-100°C), and the product is very hot when it is demolded. It is necessary to prevent scald fingers; (5) POM should be “ "Medium pressure, medium speed, low material temperature, high mold temperature" molding processing, precision molding products need to use mold temperature control
(6) High mechanical strength and rigidity
(7) The highest fatigue strength
(8) Good environmental resistance and organic solvent resistance
(9) strong resistance to repeated impact, good electrical properties, good recovery, with its own lubrication, good wear resistance, excellent dimensional stability.
   Can replace most of the coloredmetal,car,machine tool, Instrumentation internals, bearings, fasteners, gears, springs, pipes, conveyor belt accessories, electric hydrants, pump housings, drainers, faucets, etc.