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What is Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) ?

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  • Release on:2017-04-08

What is Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) ?

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Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is the use of immersion in the working fluid between the two electrodes between the pulse discharge caused by the erosion of the conductive material of the special processing methods, also known as discharge processing or electro-erosion processing, the English referred to as EDM.


Main feature:

① Can be processed ordinary cutting method is difficult to cut the material and complex shape of the workpiece;

② No cutting force when processing;

③ Do not produce burrs and knife marks groove and other defects;

④ Tool electrode material no need to work harder than the workpiece;

⑤ Direct use of energy processing, easy to achieve automation;

⑥ After processing the surface of the metamorphic layer, in some applications to be further removed;

⑦ Working fluid purification and processing of smoke generated in the pollution treatment is too much trouble.

The main purpose of EDM :

① Processing of complex shapes of holes and cavity mold and parts;

② Processing a variety of hard and brittle materials such as hard alloy and hardened steel;

③ Processing deep hole, shaped hole, deep groove, slit and cutting sheet;

④ Processing a variety of forming tools, models and thread gauges and other tools and measuring tools.


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According to the form of tool electrodes and the relative movement between the workpiece and the characteristics of the EDM can be divided into five categories:

① The use of forming tool electrodes, relative to the workpiece for a simple feed movement of EDM processing;

② The use of axial movement of the wire as a tool electrode, the workpiece according to the required shape and size for the track movement to cut the conductive material of the EDM wire cutting processing;

③ The use of wire or forming conductive grinding wheel as a tool electrode, for small hole grinding or forming grinding EDM grinding;

④ For processing thread ring gauge, thread plug gauge, gear and other EDM conjugate rotary processing;

⑤ Small hole processing, marking, surface alloying, surface strengthening and other types of processing.

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