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What is Color Masterbatch

What is Color Masterbatch

Patrick www.xy-global.com 2018-02-12 11:36:17

What is Color Masterbatch

Color Masterbatch called the masterbatch, also known as color, is a new type of polymer materials for coloring agents, also known as pigment preparation. Masterbatch is mainly used in plastic. Color Masterbatch by the pigment or dye, carrier and additives composed of the three basic elements, is the ultra-constant amount of pigment uniformly contained in the resin in the aggregate obtained, called pigment concentrate, so it's tinting strength higher than Pigment itself. Processing with a small amount of masterbatch and non-colored resin blends, you can achieve the design of pigment concentration of colored resin or products.



1. To make the pigment has better dispersion in the product Color Masterbatch in the production process to refine the pigment to improve pigment dispersion and tinting strength. Special masterbatch carriers and products of the same plastic species, has a good match, heated and melted pigment particles can be well dispersed in the plastic products.

2. To help maintain the chemical stability of the pigment Direct use of the pigment, because the pigment in the process of storage and use of direct contact with the air, the pigment will absorb water, oxidation and other phenomena, and made masterbatch, the resin carrier will paint and air, Water isolation, can make the quality of the pigment long-term change.

3 to ensure the stability of the color of the product Color Masterbatch and resin particles are similar, more convenient and accurate measurement, the mixture will not adhere to the container, and the resin is also more evenly mixed, so you can ensure the stability of the amount added to ensure that Product color stability.

4. To protect the health of the operator Pigments are generally powdered, easy to add when added and mixed, inhaled by the human body will affect the health of operators.

5. To keep the environment clean.

6. Easy to use.


Widely used in polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, nylon, PC, PMMA, PET and other resins, to produce a colorful fiber, clothing, household plastics, wires and cables, household appliances, agricultural films, cars Accessories, health equipment and other products.


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