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What is CMM

  • Author:Patrick
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  • Release on:2018-02-02

What is CMM

CMM, which refers to a hexahedral spatial range, capable of representing geometry, length and circumferential indexing and other measurement capabilities of the instrument, also known as the CMM or CMM. The CMM can be defined as "a detector that can move in three directions and can move on three mutually perpendicular rails that transmit signals in contact or non-contact, etc. The displacement of the three axes Measuring system (such as optical ruler) through the data processor or computer to calculate the coordinates of the workpiece point (X, Y, Z) and the function of measuring instruments. Coordinate measuring instrument measuring functions should include dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy, geometric accuracy and contour accuracy.






1, the probe head can move along the three axial directions of X, Y and Z in space, and they are set in rectangular or polar coordinates.

2, The five sides of the workpiece cube can be measured, without changing the workpiece position, if fitted with appropriate fixtures and special probe, the sixth surface can be measured.

3, coordinate measuring machine operation and measurement work, do not need special skills to be competent

4, can be in any position, set the origin of the work coordinate system, and the indirect main algorithm to calculate the measurement results, increase the measurement function and the use of flexibility.

5, with computer data processing machine, quickly and accurately calculate the measured value, with the teaching program to coordinate the measuring machine automation.

6, to replace the traditional measurement methods to improve the accuracy of testing, and for high-precision products, you can test one hundred percent.

7, the complexity of the workpiece and the measurement of the workpiece with high difficulty, can make accurate measurements.

8, significantly reduce the inspection time, testing costs, testing manpower, increase measurement efficiency.





Widely used in the automotive, electronics, machinery, automotive, aerospace, military, mold and other industries in the box, rack, gear, cam, worm, worm, blades, curves, surface measurements, metal, plastic and other industries , The workpiece size, shape and shape tolerances for precision testing, thus completing the part testing, shape measurement, process control and other tasks.


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