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What factors affect the service life of die casting mold

  • Author:Liwen
  • Source:www.diecastingsupplier.com
  • Release on:2018-12-04
There are many factors affecting the life of die casting mold. There can be roughly classified into two types, one of the factor is the making process of die casting mold ; The secondly is the operation method of aluminum die casting.
One is the factor that makes the die-casting mold itself.
1. Regular mold modification ,big mold changes require wire cutting and welding. The mold has a serious impact on production after being welded.
2. Material, good mold steel is the big factor for the life of mold ,good mold steel is hard, and the mold steel will not be easily deformed.
3. Heat treatment, tempering is the key to determining the strength and toughness of the mold.
The secondly is the operation of casting mold
1. After the mold is installed on the machine, we should first carry out a residual heat on the mold so that the temperature of the mold is almost the same as the temperature of the machine material.
2. Whether it is on the sample and bulk production, the mold needs to be operate with water. The purpose to add water is to reduce the temperature of the mold.

Of course ,there are still factors includes on the life of aluminum die casting mold.XY-GLOBAL is a professional supplier ,when we received a new order. our SOP as  following:
1,Project Review meeting

2,Mould Design and Flow Analysis

3,Mould making- Raw material

4,Melting Aluminum/Zinc/Magnesium

5,Die casting



8,Surface treatment