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We specialized in the Mechanical components for industrial electronics

  • Author:Liwen
  • Source:Diecastingsupplier.com
  • Release on:2018-10-17
XY-GLOBAL has been successfully producing mechanical components for the electrical equipment and electronics industry for many years. As a supplier for industrial electronics, we specialize in small to medium-size batches as well as manufacturing processes ,it involving production costs, especially tooling costs. Technology consultation, suggestions of optimize production, and casting simulations, die-cast aluminum, extruded aluminium profile segments, and machining. Hence we offer service as following:

Technology consultation and production-related design optimization
Feasibility studies and cost analysis
Suggestion for production-appropriate design
Suggestion for Process optimization to improve quality
Alternate production methods and materials
Material tests report and process simulation
Recommendations for optimum die and mold design

We focus on die casting, and the machining of aluminum, as a one-stop supplier of mechanical ,whether aluminum housings for industrial computers, CNC-milled aluminum front panels,plastic box enclosure electronic,aluminum extrusion enclosure electronics,electronic stamping parts,cnc electronic cigarette,we all have a lot of experience on them,pls feel free contact us if any needs.