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Two treatment methods of electroplating in the later stage of die casting

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-03-18

There are few companies that attach importance to die casting for electroplating surface treatment procedures. After electroplating, the casting is treated mainly to retain the coating and increase its corrosion resistance. The treatment methods adopted are hydrogen removal, passivation treatment, and an organic film if necessary.

Hydrogen removal treatment

The removal of hydrogen is especially important for electroplating products, because in the electroplating system, metal ions gain electrons through the cathode, and similarly, hydrogen ions can also gain electrons to generate atomic hydrogen, which penetrates into the metal coating and, after standing for a period of time, forms Looseness, hydrogenation will combine in the atomic state to form hydrogen, which will expand its volume, resulting in pinholes, bubbling and even falling off of the coating. If it penetrates into the matrix, it will also cause hydrogen embrittlement of the whole component, especially for high-strength steel. Once hydrogen infiltration occurs, it is easy to cause brittle fracture of the component. Therefore, heat treatment should be carried out at a temperature for several hours after electroplating to drive off hydrogen infiltrating the coating or the base metal.


Passivation treatment is a method of chemical or electrochemical treatment in a certain solution to form a stable, dense and stable film on its surface. Passivation will further improve the corrosion resistance of the coating, and increase the surface gloss and anti-pollution properties. ability.

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