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Treatment of waste water or liquid discharged from electroplating production

  • Author:Lotus
  • Source:WWW. xy-global .com
  • Release on:2019-05-22

    Waste water and liquid from electroplating factories contain a large number of metal ions, such as chromium, pick, nickel, cyanide, acid and alkali, and often contain organic additives.Some metal ions exist in the form of simple cation, some in the form of acid radical anion, and some in the form of complex ions.Electroplating wastewater treatment commonly used in the process of neutralization, coagulation, oxidation, reduction, barium salt method, ferrite method and other chemical methods.Chemical process equipment is simple, less investment, wide application, but often left sludge needs further treatment.

    The treatment of electroplating wastewater is widely paid attention to at home and abroad. A variety of treatment technologies have been developed to eliminate and reduce the discharge of pollutants through measures such as toxic treatment into non-toxic, harmful into harmless, recovery of precious metals, water recycling and so on.With the rapid development of electroplating industry and the increasing requirement of environmental protection, the treatment of electroplating wastewater has begun to enter the stage of clean production process, total control and recycling economy integration.

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