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Tokyo Olympic venues new design Yin Zhengyi

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  • Release on:2015-12-28
Tokyo yesterday tried to scandal-plagued 2020 Olympic Games preparations back on track, it is ultimately selected by a Japanese architect's newNational StadiumDesign.

But the choice of the program could lead to more trouble.new designOn social media dubbed the "hamburger" is a multi-layered, part wooden structure Coliseum. Earlier architect said it and in July this year, the scheme has been abandoned "obvious similarities."

Select the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma (Kengo Kuma) to "wood and green" as the theme of the design is to end the state of uncertainty since several months. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Shinzo Abe) at a special cabinet meeting, said that the selected design is a "great plan, in all respects the basic principles of both duration and costTo meet the standards. "

This design has a 80,000-seat stadium is expected to cost 149 billion yen (about 1.2 billion US dollars), in the government set the upper limit of 155 billion yen, and plans to be completed in November 2019.
Earlier in 2020 Olympic venues selected are British architect Zaha? Hadid Dame (Dame Zaha Hadid) design. The cost soared to 250 billion yen or more, twice the original estimate after the design has been criticized. Hadid Dame will cost double blamed Tokyo labor costs continued to rise.

If built according to the above price, Hadid has a futuristic stadium will be the world's most expensive sports venues. I decided to look for new design will almost ensure the election of a scheme designed by the Japanese architect.

Hadid yesterday condemned "the practice of shocking" Japanese parties concerned, and accused them of conspiracy in this project does not give the opportunity to other countries.
Hadid said: "The detailed layout and bowl-shaped stadium structure we originally proposed, and today declared elected in the layout and structure of the program design is very similar to the past two years prove that our specific design work and cost us a lot to get recommendations recognition. "She said that if Tokyo had initially planned to advance in accordance with it, and now the project has been in progress.

The reason to make a decision to abandon the original design, largely due to political considerations. The public is increasingly dissatisfied with spiraling taxpayer, prompting Abe abandoned earlier plans - when Abe's public support rate has been in decline. Since then, the site has been located in downtown Tokyo vacant, while the city has begun a five-year countdown to the Olympic Games.
Other frustrations include Tokyo Olympics preparations, BOCOG was forced to abandon the original Olympic Games emblem, because of its basic form a Belgian accused of plagiarism theater sign.