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The process of Electroless nickel plating

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  • Release on:2018-09-17
After plating, the surface of the material is cleaned by applying a series of chemicals. After applying each pretreatment chemical, the surface is rinsed two to three times with water to completely remove the chemicals. Oils is known as de-greasing, and removing scaling is known as acid cleaning.

The pretreatment required for the deposition of nickel and cobalt on a non-conductive surface usually consists of making the substrate hydrophilic, then activating the surface with a solution of a noble metal, like palladium chloride. Silver nitrate is used for activating ABS and other plastics The composition of the electroless bath depends on the activator.[citation needed]

Activation is done with a weak acid etch, nickel strike, or a proprietary solution, if the substrate is non-metallic. After plating, an anti-oxidation or anti-tarnish chemical, such as trisodium phosphate or chromate, is applied, followed by Rinsing with water to prevent staining. The plated object is completely dried or baked to obtain the full hardness of the plating.