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The four negative words that easily be ignored

  • Author:Lorna
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2016-05-13
The four following words is normal in our daily study life,  But you know what, in specific circustoms ,they can show the trend of negativeness.In order for your better understanding, there are some examples.

1. shy -lack  of

a. We're only £100 shy of the total amount.

b. He won the championship with a score three points shy of a world record.

2. save -avoid,don;t need to do 

a. You can probably save wearing your new "I Heart NY" hat until you're back home.

b. I'll lend you a bag for your trip - it'll save you buying one specially.

3. minus -lack of,havn't 

a.After realizing he was only doing math, the flight took off minus the complaining passenger.

b.We're minus a chair for John - could you get one from the other room?

4. check -stop 

a.They have begun to vaccinate children in an attempt to check the spread of the disease.

b.He couldn't check his anger to see such cruelty to children.

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