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The assembly line is important

The assembly line is important

Jessie www.xy-global.com 2017-10-26 21:39:54
Assembly line, is a common type of assembly line equipment. Generally, the application in the food industry and industrial manufacturing industry is the most extensive, which can help our enterprises to make better product production, reduce labor expenditure and improve work efficiency.

What are the preparations for assembly line equipment before starting?
The use of electrical appliances should know how to maintain it, which can not only prolong its service life but also have the advantage of reducing expenditure in life. Of course, it is not only the advantage of appliances and equipment to maintain, but the assembly line equipment is not included, and which departments should be inspected before the assembly line is used? And the main points of the production equipment for inspection is as follows: 1, often boot check equipment, check equipment operation is normal, should timely notify the relevant personnel if there is any abnormal processing, maintenance, equipment clean, 2 surface of stainless steel parts, ensure the machine clean and beautiful; 3. Regularly check whether the parts on the equipment are tightened to ensure the normal use of the equipment; 4. Ensure that the environment of mechanical equipment is dry, and the water accumulation should be avoided under the equipment. If there is water, the water should be cleaned in time. 5. Maintenance and maintenance of heating pipe system; 6. Check the mechanical cracks every other month. If there is any such phenomenon, it should be stopped and timely repaired. Clean the heating coil tube every 1 1/2 months. To avoid the heat transfer of the surface sediment of the heat pipe.

2. What should be noticed when the assembly line is used?
1. In the line work, if you want to use a knife or tool, you should be careful to avoid cutting the belt. Do not put any items in or fall in the middle of the belt, if you accidentally drop into the item, you should stand and close the item and remove the item. 2. The frequency converter and motor can not fill the water, and should keep the environment dry when not used for long time, so as not to cause short-circuit burn. 3, reducer should be regularly check whether within the oil is enough, can see from the outside a small round window, such as lack of engine oil or engine oil is not enough, can lead to internal friction gear was big, long-term work in this situation will lead to damage to the gear grinding can not use, when the device using six months or a year later the best replacement of engine oil at a time. 4, water equipment on the head and tail of the roller chain, on the surface of the bearing and the bearing small drum, dot not timing of lubricating oil or oil, in order to prevent the lack of oil when a strange, long-term lack of oil will cause damage. 5. When the frequency converter is closed, it is best to modulate it to zero, so as to avoid the unnecessary loss caused by the goods on the belt when it is turned on. If the assembly line equipment has no positive reverse function, the frequency converter is better not to design the reverse function, but the function locks, so that the belt reversal causes the running edge friction to be damaged. 6. When the assembly line is normal, it should be straight line, which is horizontal one line. Belt running edge, edge, this kind of situation is best when the transfer personnel to make debugging. Sometimes the situation is more serious, the belt will get involved in the large rollers, if this happens, the motor will be turned off immediately. 7. In line work, if you want to use a knife or sharp tool, you should be careful to avoid cutting the belt. Do not put any items in or fall in the middle of the belt, if you accidentally drop into the item, you should stand and close the item and remove the item.

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