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The Third Intern Training of XY-GLOBAL

  • Author:Guo chengcang
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-07
     In order to further improve the business skills of interns and help them understand the product processing technics in XY-GLOBAL, the third online intern training has been organized as scheduled on September 18, 2021. The training was hosted by Selina, and the general manager, Liu Xiaoyun, taking the role of the lecturer, introduced and explained the company's processing technics for 20 trainees in more than one hour.  "As business English majors, we know nothing about how to process metal materials, so this training was really an eye-opener and gave us a better understanding of the company's business."  XY-GLOBAL focus on the production of Die Casting Parts, CNC Machining Parts, CNC Lathe Machining, etc..therefore, it's so important that all the trainees should learn about the processing technics which are related to our business. We believe that every intern can receive the training of relevant product processing technology so that they improve their performance on works and achieve common development with the company at the same time.