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The Prospect of Metal 3D Printing

  • Author:Lu Qingqing
  • Source:www.xyglobal.com
  • Release on:2021-10-26
As for the future of metal 3d printing, we think we’re still at the bottom of the mountain compared to the future of metal 3D printing. This will help reduce the price of metal 3d printing as patents expire and the price of heat sources such as lasers falls. More new materials and a wider range of alloys will emerge with the development of metal materials by the major metal powder suppliers.

The ORNL researchers say the technology’s market will grow by about 18% a year by 2025, driven by demand from the aerospace, biomedical and automotive industries, and is expected to be worth $8.4 billion by 2025.

A more notable trend is that the expiration of several patents may have helped usher in the era of open source, which has greatly reduced the cost of metal 3d printing. We learned that, in fact, researchers from the Michigan Institute of Technology have started doing some interesting open source work.

The potential for metal 3D printing is opening up, by printing complex geometric shapes, reducing the number of components, and printing Biocompatibility products for the medical community, but to put the life benefit of products on the important agenda, through the design of products to reduce the failure rate, reduce energy consumption, improve reliability, an all-round focus on the benefits of a better world is coming.