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The Often Used Oral English (3)

  • Author:Lorna
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2016-08-08
1. Just because I am fat doesn’t mean I’m slow.

"Just because… doesn’t mean" is a usually used oral expression.

Eg:Just because I am slim doesn’t mean I like sports. 

2. Does anyone want to split with me?

"Split with (someone)" is the synonym of " Share with".

Eg:Do you want to split this cake with me? 

3. Are you seeing anyone?

"seeing someone" means have love relationship with somebody.

Eg:Have you heard the news? Rick is seeing someone. 

4. I’ll let it slide this time.

"Let it slide" means won't punish the one who do the wrong thing.

Eg:He used an incorrect word but, because he's my friend, I let it slide.

5. A woman wants a guy who she can click with.

"Click" means he or she can understand you and know what you want.

Eg:When I first met her, we just clicked, and we're best friends now.

6. Do I look presentable?

"Presentable' means dressing in polite way.

Eg:I don’t think you are presentable.

7. You need to scale back.

"Scale back" means reducing or cutting down.

Eg:It’s way too much, you have to scale it back.

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