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The Formal and Informal English Expression of Saying Good Bye

  • Author:Lorna
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  • Release on:2016-06-13
Everyday we have to say good-bye to our friends, colleagues and family.
There arThere are fomal expression and informal expression.

1.:Formal goodbyes

Apply occasions:

When you breake up with your lover and you feel sad that because you think you can not meet him anymore.

When you are mad with other or hardly shut off the doors or hang off the phones.

eg:Goodbye, my love. This will be our last dance.


Farewell is very formal and belong to the writting.

Apply occasions:writting expression and havn't chance to meet any more.

It can use as: bid farewell to someone


I bade farewell to all the friends I had made in Paris.

---Have a good day.

Base on different condition it can used as : Have a good day、Have a nice day、Have a good evening、
or Have a good night。

Apply occasions:to the one that isn't that familiar,such as customers, froends'friends.


A: Have a good day.

B: Thanks, you too.

---Take care.

It is a little formal. But not formal as Have a good day.

Apply occasions:If you can't see each other wthin a week, take care is a good choice.


A: Take care and don't forget to keep me updated about your thesis.

B: Yeah, I will.

2.:Casual goodbyes


Bye is the most causual use word.

Apply occasions:to any one and any occasion is ok.


A: See you later.

B: OK, have a good day.

A: You too. 'Bye.

B: 'Bye.

--Bye bye!

Kids are like to use this words.

Apply occasions:Want to act innocent, or interested in flirting with each other when available


Later is a cool and casual expression. Uaually it is used between man.


A: Later! Dude.

B: Yeah, Bye.

---See you later. / Talk to you later.

A little formal than Later.

Apply occasions:to everyone.Face to face use:see you later,When in cellular:talk to you later。


A: Thank you for meeting me here. I'll see you later.

B: Bye.

3.:Slang goodbyes

---Catch you later.

Catch you later is more informal than see you later还不正式的一个告别说法。

Apply occasions:familiar with see you later.


A: All right. I'll catch you later.

B: OK, bye.

---I'm out!

"I'm out!" is a music expression of Hip Pop.

Apply occasions:You finished a day's job and you feel sad when leaving.


A: I'm out! See you tomorrow!

B: Ok, bye.

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