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The Difference between Take and Bring

  • Author:Lorna
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  • Release on:2016-06-15

to move or go with someone or something from one place to another


1. Don't forget to take your umbrella.

2. I'll take you home.

3. I'm going to take some cake to Paul.

4. Take your dog away from me.

5. Please take your bag there.


to take something or someone with you to the place where you are now, or to the place you are talking about


1. Would you like me to bring anything to the party?

2. She brought her Spanish friend into class.

3. Bring some food to the party at my house.

4. Bring your homework to me.

5. Please bring your bag here.

###Bring shows movement toward the speaker, but take shows movement away from the speaker.

How to use "take" and "bring" when in the condition of "forgot something"
Actually there are three cinditions.

# 1.Enjoin someone don't forget to take something

# 2.Enjoin someone don't forget to bring something

# 3. Have forgeten to takr or bring something


Don't forget to take your cellphone.

Don't forget to take your wallet.


Don't forget to bring me your gift.

Don't forget to bring Robert to me.

#3. eg;

I forgot to take/bring my umbrella.

I forgot to take/bring my key.

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