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The Advantages of XY-GLOBAL

  • Author:Gong Zi Ni
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-11-04
XY-GLOBAL is a Sino-foreign joint venture, founded in 2005, with a team of R & D, sales and production in Shenzhen and Dongguan, with sales companies in the US and Israel, and customers all over the world.

XY-GLOBAL mainly produces metal product accessories and molds such as compressive castings, CNC machine processing parts, CNC, stamped parts, and mutually supporting injection molding products and molds. Our major customers include Samsung, LG, ASUS Flextronic Israel, Flextronics Portugal, Flextronics Brazil, Fujisu, HP, etc.

XY-GLOBAL is primarily dedicated to producing and selling precision and high quality metal products and molds, winning the trust of our customers with advantageous prices and short delivery and efficient services. With the development of the company and the market, the company has a very united production engineer team and the design and development team and sales team, which has been very united, 10 years of work experience, while increasing the R & D and sales of robotic accessories and industrial control programs.

Company Vision: Become a customer-dependent, employee love, industry-leading 80-year-old enterprise.
Company Mission: Provide customers with good products, good prices and excellent services; providing employees with a platform for demonstration and achievement of dreams.
Company Values: Customers, Teamwork, Hug Change, Love Work. Integrity, Passion, Debut.
Company culture: communication, enterprising, win-win, grateful.