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Tesla revolutionizes car body engineering

  • Author:Lu Qingqing
  • Source:www.xyglobal.com
  • Release on:2021-11-05
Earlier, on Feb. 2, Tesla officially released a video of the Ultimate Factories die casting machine. 6,000-ton giant die-casting machine, the Model Y back plate is formed as a whole, the body bottom plate is reduced in weight, the welding process is simplified, the complexity is simplified, and the consistency of the chinese-made Model Y products is improved.

Tesla is currently working at its Fremont in California, its Ultimate Factories in Texas, its Ultimate Factories in China and its Berlin plant in Germany, will or has been installed ultra-large die-casting machine for the production of large automotive chassis or body die-casting.

In the foreseeable future, body parts may be integrated into one or two components. At that time, the “Welding”process in the four major automobile manufacturing processes may be completely simplified. The efficiency and cost of car manufacturing will also be optimized simultaneously.