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Technology of brass die casting

  • Author:Sun He
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-07

The National Day holiday has just ended, and people are adjusting themselves from vacation to normal work schedule. Our XY-GLOBAL is no exception, so let me introduce the process of brass die casting.

Brass die casting is brass pressure casting, is a kind of molten brass alloy liquid into the pressure chamber, to fill the cavity of the steel mold at high speed, and make the brass alloy liquid solidification under pressure to form brass casting brass casting method.

Brass die casting is a method of casting liquid die forging. Brass die casting die forging process is a special brass die casting die forging machine to complete the process.

The basic process of brass die casting is: the brass liquid first low speed or high speed casting filling mold into the cavity of the mold, the mold has an active cavity surface, it with the cooling process of the brass liquid pressure forging, not only eliminate the shrinkage of the blank shrinkage defects, but also make the internal organization of the blank to forging broken grain. The comprehensive mechanical properties of the blank have been improved remarkably.